Demanding Jobs in CANADA 2023


Canada is one of the most interesting place for all the people. It is very cool, calm, well furnished area, which every person  dreams. Most of the people specially from Punjab seeking every year for Canada for their better life & Jobs in Canada. Every year canada welcome maximum numbers od students. Normally they will get high paying jobs in canada without degree And for this purpose, every year thousands of people try to reach Canada.

People also seeking Canada because of best health facilities, security and safety, stunning geographical locations, and better employment opportunities.

We are here, to inform you all about the different types of courses which help you to apply work in Canada. So. here we are going to tell you about different High paying jobs in Canada for students also.


  1. NURSES :- Because of Covid-19, people are facing many problems worldwide, same as in Canada also. Also, their are various” Long term Caring Home” where parents, grandparents are living, so that their is high demand for nurses to take care of them full time.


Salary :- 26 $ per hour and goes up to 46-48 $ (Registered Nurses salary be: $111,700/year).

High Provinces :- 8000+ in Canada.

Open Positions (Location) :- British Columbia, Ontario.

2. Delivery Drivers :- Because of Covid-19, delivery drivers will be in more demand. Because when everywhere, their is lockdown, for delivering of necessities things, delivery agents are required in high demand. This give benefits in Future also, because today all the people and businesses are more relying on Online shopping, Online Food Order etc.


Salary :- $19/hour and goes up to high according to the area

High Provinces :- 8000+ in Canada.

Open Positions (Location) :- British Columbia, Ontario.

3. Customer Service Representative :- This job you get very easily in Canada. Because the big boss stores like Walmart etc, required customer service in very huge quantity. Mostly, the international students who visit every year in Canada, go for this type of jobs, because they get it very easily because of large number of  vacancies. Salary varies from department to department.

Details :-

Salary :- $ 40,000/year

High Provinces :- 27000+ in Canada.

Open Positions (Location) :- 19,000+ in Ontario, 9,000+ in British Columbia.

4. Software Developer :- You also get more jobs in this field.

Salary :- $53K to $70K /year.

High Provinces :- 19,000+ in Canada.

Open Positions (Location) :- Ontario, British Columbia.

5. Admin Assistant :- It is not so much popular before Covid-19, but after Covid-19 it gets high demand, because in lock down everyone go for Work-From-Home and for that everyone need admin assistant. We need admin assistant in every field whether it is in IT, Accounts, Teaching, Mechanical etc.

Details :-

Salary :- $40K to $50K /year.

High Provinces :- 5000+ in Canada.

Open Positions (Location) :- Ontario,  British Columbia & Quebec.

6. IT HELP DESK / TECHNICAL SUPPORT :- Because of Covid-19, this field is also very high in demand. Every thing become virtual, every person start Work-From-Home like every person want to know how to connect PPN, How to use Zoom, Google meet, how to install any Tool.


Salary :- $50K to $70K/ year.

High Provinces :- 6000+ in Canada.

Open Positions (Location) :- Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, NC, Manitoba.


Salary :- 15$/Hour.

High Provinces :- 3000+ in Canada.

Open Positions (Location) :- Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, NL.


Salary :- 70k$/Year.

High Provinces :- 3000+ in Canada.

Open Positions (Location) :- Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, NL.


Salary :- 70k$/Year.

High Provinces :- 3000+ in Canada.

Open Positions (Location) :- Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, NL.


Salary :- 18$/hour.

High Provinces :- 10,000+ in Canada.

Open Positions (Location) :- Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, NL.

11. Doctor :- Average Salary : $280,000 in a year. If you get Specialization and became Surgeon,

 Salary : $360K- $ 500K

12. Dentist :- Highly recommended job, because dental problem is not insured in health insurance according to Canada government.

Average salary : $120K-$200K in a year.

13. Electrical Engineer :- They are primarily doing the work of testing electrical systems and equipment’s. Electrical Engineer may specialised in some particular field. Due to the increasing electrical equipment’s, these profession is highly in demand.

Average Salary : $78,568 per year.

14. Welder :- Person who use heat to join any two or more metals together. For getting job in this field in Canada , person should have vocational training or apprenticeship or sometime both. For your more chances in this field in Canada then you can master in the skill of underwater welding, for that one should be a good swimmer and not be aqua phobic.

Average Salary : $73,504 per year

15. Veterinarians :- Person who treat animals, means doctor of animals. Canadian people loves to have at least 1 pet in their houses. So, for that obviously they required doctor for their best health and their other related issues. If any veterinarian wants to make his career in this profession then he should have a license from the regulatory body within the provinces .  Average Salary: $95,804 per year.

Apart from that if you want to search job in any other field then u go with this link given below :-

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