Vrschikasana - Scorpion Pose

This pose is look like a Scorpion that’s why its known as a Scorpion Pose.

How to do? 
1. Come on your elbow first 
2. Then Come on your toes 
3. Slowly move your toes toward to the elbow 
4. Lift your one leg first
5. If you have a back strength then just smoothly lift your another leg.
6. Make sure to lift both leg , you need back strength so first improve your back strength or a back bend.
7. If you can hold there then try to fold your leg and try to put your feet on head .
8 . Try to hold their for few seconds to improve your self.


1. You can improve your back flexibility 
2. You can improve your shoulder strength and elbow strength.
3. Your concentration will be improves.
4. Its good for your lower back pain.

Who can not do? 

1. If you have a frozen shoulder problem, avoid to do this pose or you can do under trainer’s guidance.
2. Pregnant lady should avoid this pose
3. If you have a slip disk problem then avoid to do this pose.
4. If you have a knee problem, don’t try it without any guidance.

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