Bow Pose on Aerial

For Bow Pose on aerial ,you need to know how to do bow pose/Dhanurasana on Floor. If you can do bow pose on floor then you can try to do it on aerial.
Aerial yoga is very helpful to improve your flexibility and its also fun to do practice on hammock or aerial.

How to do?

1. Just lie down on aerial.
2. Make sure aerial is comfortable for you.
3. Its material should be good.
4. After lying on aerial try to hold your ankle or feet outside from the aerial.
5. Stay there in few seconds to improve your back flexibility.

Who can not do?

1. Pregnant lady can not do dhanurasana or bow pose.
2. If you have a chronic back pain or lower back pain then avoid to try this or you can do practice under Instructor or trainer.
3. If you have a frozen shoulder problem, avoid to do this pose on aerial.

Benefits :-

1. Its good to improve your digestive system.
2. It will improve your back flexibility.
3. It will help you to increase spine strength.

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