Tips To Stay Safe at Home in Covid -19 - Yoga with Vaibhavlaxmi

Hello to all, Hope all is well. In this video we ll learn Tips To Stay Safe at Home in #Covid-19 - Yoga with Vaibhavlaxmi. For more Please check the description & check the given links of the videos which will also help you to be healthy. Please Like, Subscribe, Comments & Share.

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00:34 First Tip :- Use your Hand Sanitizer, We have to sanitize our hand after sometime or wash our hand properly. 

00:50 Second Tip :- Wear Your Mask, In this step i explained that the people wear mask in many wrong ways like below the chin, cover only there lips etc. In this i shown the proper way how to wear mask. Cover your Nose, Lips & half of the face. 

1:15 Third Tip :- Breathing Exercise ( For more Breathing Exercises Video Link Mentioned Below ) :- Which will help you to increase the capacity of your lungs or Boost up your immunity system. Everyone can do these types of exercises, if anyone have breathing problem they can also do these exercises. You can do Pranaym anytime when you are free. 

Try to be safe guys & try to be stay at home.

2:37 Om Pranayam :- Do Chin Mudra & put your hands on your knee. If you are not able to do this mudra you can simply join your palm in a namaste position. After that close your eyes and just focus on your breath. Take a deep breath & exhale slowly. Do repetition as much as you can. Everyone can do this pranayama. This pranayama will help you to increase the capacity of your lungs and cure you from breathing problems.

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