Dhanurasana - Bow pose

Dhanurasana is look like a bow, that's why its known as Bow pose too. Dhanurasana is focus on mainly backbend and core .If you want to improve your backbend then do practice regularly of dhanurasana and hold it for 3-4 minutes.

How to do ?

1. Lie down on your mat 
2. Come on your stomach 
3. Slowly bend your leg from knee
4. Try to hold your ankle or feet whatever comfortable for you.
5. Do inhale and lift your knee and head up.
6. Hold there in a normal breathing.
7. Don't force yourself to do it compulsory.
8. Slowly come back to in a normal position 
9. Take rest in Makarasana or crocodile pose.

Counter Pose :-
After practicing Bow pose ,lie down on your back and do Pavanmuktasana for few seconds.
Benefits :-

1. It will activate your digestive system
2. It will improve your core strength and back strength
3. It will help you to improve your spine flexibility.

Precautions :-

1. Pregnant lady can not practice this aasan.
2. During menstruation period you should avoid to do it.
3. If you have any spine injury, don't try to do it.
For Tutorial video of Bow pose ,You can check this link :-

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