How to do Chin Stand / चिन स्टैंड कैसे करें - Yoga with Vaibhavlaxmi ( ચિન સ્ટેન્ડ કેવી રીતે કરવું?)

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2:35 #Vajrasana ( #Thunderbolt Pose, or #Diamond Pose ), Sit down in a Vajrasana, Come on your knee put your chin chest on a floor so hold fingers. Then put it under your shoulder, Come in a Puppy pose stay there for few seconds 1-2-3 Now if you are comfortable, slowly and try to stay on1 2 3 slowly come back same thing from another side 1-2-3-4-5 and slowly come back.

3:31 #Knee #Problem If you have a knee problem, make sure to avoid this asana.

3:33 #Child Pose, slowly come back in child pose and stay there for a few seconds (Relaxed for while). Now try this with wall support, your should be in front of wall same position, put your fingers under your shoulder. Just slowly lift your one leg up and slowly lift your another leg. Try to deattach one leg from the wall, same thing with the another leg, Stay for few seconds 1 2 and slowly come back. So, comeback in a child pose by this way, you can improve your back strength as well as your chin strength. But don't force yourself to do it compulsory. Just watching to videos, you can hold as per you strength. Now, trying to lift both legs come back in position on your chin stand and hold your back. Hold, come back and slowly relaxed in a child pose stay there for few seconds.

Do regular practice of this technique, it will improve your back strength.

Hope you learn well from this tutorial.

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