Best Exercises to Relieve Joint Pain / 5 मिनट में जोड़ों के दर्द से कैसे राहत पाएं #jointpain

In this video, we are going to learn from basic asana and stretching, which is helpful to reducing your joint pain. Best Exercises to Relieve Joint Pain / 5 मिनट में जोड़ों के दर्द से कैसे राहत पाएं.
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0:12 Uttanasana or Forwardbend, So for that straight your hands and stretch it up as much as you can. Now do inhale and with the exhalation like a bend from your back, put your hand on a floor, push it and try to push your head towards to your knee. Now, if you are comfortable, make a distance between your feet. Hold your ankle and hold there for a few seconds. Standing forwardbend slowly, slowly come back.

0:50 Adho mukha svanasana or Downward dog pose, Put your Palm on a matt. Come on your toes and push your head inside. If you are comfortable, try to stay on your proper feet and if you are not comfortable, you can come on your toes. Stay there 1-2-3 seconds.Come back in a normal position slowly, slowly . come up & release your hands.

1:38 Puppy Pose, come on your knee, Your chest should be down on a matt. This is called a puppy pose.Stay there for few seconds. Try to twist in a puppy pose & raise your one hand up. Stay there for few seconds  and Come back. Same thing with another side and slowly come back. This is very good for your back pain also, slowly come back in a normal position and sit down in a vajrasana for a while.

3:05 Utkatasana or Chair Pose, Stand up .comfortable distance between your feet, hands in front of you, bend your knee, your back should be straight . This is known as a Utkatasana or a chair pose. Come up and for better results,do it regularly.

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