How to Boost Male Fertility / मेल इनफर्टिलिटी - Yoga with Vaibhavlaxmi #male_infertility_exercise

In this video you learn, How to Boost Male Fertility /  मेल इनफर्टिलिटी - Yoga with Vaibhavlaxmi
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Best yoga poses to boost male fertility.

0:08 Lotus Pose, So first we are doing Lotus pose, Padamasana, Your hands in chin mudra. Stay there for few seconds. Do inhale and Exhale. your spine should be straight. slowly relaxed 

00:34 Bridge Pose ( Setubandhasana ), Just lie down on your back, hold your ankles. This is a bridge pose setubandhasana, do inhale and lift your back up. This will help you to boost the blood circulation to the pelvis. Stay there for few seconds in a normal breathing. slowly relaxed and come back in a normal position.

1:09 Halasana, or Plough pose, slowly lift your leg. push your back. your leg should be Straight. It will help you to increase the sperm count and their Mobility. stay there for few seconds, If You feel comfortable push your back and slowly slowly come back in a normal position.

2:01 Bow Pose or Dhanurasana ( Come on your stomach ( lie down on your stomach ) hands by your chest toes relaxed, fold your leg,  hold your ankle, do inhale and slowly lift your leg up in a bow pose. It is increase the blood circulation to the penis and raise your sperm count. slowly relaxed. Come back in a normal position. stay there for few seconds. 

2:50 Bhujangasana ( Cobra Pose ), Hands by your chest do inhale and lift your head up. This is called a bhujangasana or Cobra pose. if you are comfortable try to stretch your elbow and go back as much as you can. It is very good for your spine, too. Slowly come back in a normal position.

3:30 Vipritkarni, Lie down on your back again, hand Straight Palm facing towards to the floor. Now slowly do inhale and lift your leg up. your leg should be straight from knee. This is called a vipritkarni. it will increase blood flow to the penis and Pelvic . Slowly relaxed. turn into one side, support of the one hand slowly sit down in Vajrasana. 

Do regular practice of these yoga poses for better results.

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