How to do Contortion Moves with Chair - Part 2 - Yoga with Vaibhavlaxmi

This is the 2nd part of Contortion moves with chair, In this video you ll learn some advance contortion moves with chair which ll help you to make yourself more flexible. 
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Here again i said that if you are beginner or not a regular practitioner, please do not try this without any guidance or under any instructor.

00:37 Just sit-down on chair, drop yourself back on chair slowly as much as you can. If you are comfortable then put your hands down on a matt or floor and try to hold the chair legs after that try to go under the chair slowly slowly or drop yourself down, make sure you are still comfortable and count from 1 to 10, then slowly comeback & relax. Now slowly push your head up with support of your hand slowly sit back to the chair in normal position. 

This will improve your Spine & Back flexibility, If you can improve your backward bending you can do practice as much as you can like you have to hold for minimum 20 seconds to 30 seconds & increase the hold time as your comfort level on daily basis.

Hope you will learn well from this tutorial, you can also check the First part of this contortion flow :- 

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#contortionmove #contortion #contorionwithchair #part2 #forwardbend #backwardbend #assnas #yogawithflexibility #stretching #performancewithchair

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