3 Exercise to Reduce Breast Size with Scarf in 10 Days / Reduce Breast Size - Yoga with Vaibhavlaxmi

From This video you will learn some basic exercises or stretching which can help you to reduce your breast size in a proper way in a proper shape. 
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So today we are going to learn three scarf exercise is to reduce your breast size. we can use any of scarf, duppatta or yoga belt. Just fold the scarf as per your comfortable level, then just hold it after comfort zone guys.

00:43 First exercise just hold the scarf which only to inhale and then just do backward to the scarf & Come back. Stretch it back. Come back in a normal position for come back after comfort zone case of subcritical 5 to 10 times and then everyday increase your counts by 2 times. which helps you to reduce your breast size.

1:30 Second one just hold scarf properly. Do inhale here scoffs go ahead Corporal. Okay, then just slowly sideband. Makesure You're not bend your knees. Just after hand moment, one two three four through this exercise the side fat of your breast would reduce & turn into the shapes. More repetitions ll be greatful for you for the best results.

2:26 Third exercise just put scarf on your neck, but if you are not comfortable with neck then you can put it on shoulder also and then just hands in out & out in expand your chest and pull  your self back as much as you can it would be workout for your chest & shoulder. Do repetition as per your comfort level. you can start it from count 5 and  increase count your self day by day.

Thank you so much for watching my video.

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