Swan Pose - Rajhansasana

Swan Pose is a variation of Dhanurasana / Bow pose. If you want to learn swan pose then first you must know what is dhanurasana or bow pose. 
swan pose is an advanced version of bow pose or you can say that it is a variation of dhanurasana or bow pose. 
This pose is look like how bird is flying , you can imagine hands as a wings and when you are performing or presenting or practicing this pose, if you move your hands like a flying bird, its look like swan or a beautiful bird.

swan pose is good to improve your backbend.it will improve your lower back flexibility but if you have a back pain, you should be careful while practicing this aasan. 
It will activate your digestive system too. It will improve your core strength. 
Avoid doing practice during Menstruation period .Pregnant lady can not do practice this aasan.

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