Neetu Kapoor Said “Sirf Bahu ki Chale” at home

When Dance Deewane Juniors host Karan Kundrra asked, Neetu Kapoor who will rule home, now that daughter-in-law Alia Bhatt is here, she said she wants Alia to have the last word.

Recently her talented son Ranbir Kapoor married to actress Alia Bhatt. In the 16-minute video, Neetu can be seen talking about “SASS” and “SWAG”, to which Karan responds by saying “SASS” is coming because “BAHU” is coming, punning on sass or mother-in-law in Hindi. Neetu replies that not coming, the “BAHU” is already here.


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When Karan asks her who will rule the home between her and Alia, Neetu says “Khaali bahu ki, main chahti hu sirf bahu ki chale”.

Neetu Kapoor Said "Sirf Bahu ki Chale" at home
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